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Mastering The Art Of Seduction, Desire, Torment

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Mistress Aurora's Gallery
Indulge In Your Desires, if I take you from behind , push myself into your mind when you least expect it Will you try and reject it. Madonna, Erotica

Mistress Aurora's Galleries

Gallery 1. Mistress Aurora Head Mistress
Gallery 2. Video Gallery
Gallery 3 The New Dungeon M.A.'s Woodshed

  1. Officer Aurora
    Officer Aurora
    I carry a huge night stick son!
  2. Want To Play
    Want To Play
    I can't wait to meet you
  3. I Wear This Title Proudly
    I Wear This Title Proudly
    Don't let this pretty face fool you I can be your worst nightmare or the most Erotic person you will ever meet
  4. I Can See Inside Your Soul
    I Can See Inside Your Soul
    Have you ever fallen in love by just getting lost in someones eyes
  5. Drink
  6. Shoes
    Shoes and more you will worship them
  7. Bottoms Up
    Bottoms Up
    Are you worthly
  8. I will Suduce You
    I will Suduce You
    My beauty is intoxication you may fall into a trance
  9. Crazy Nurse Betty
    Crazy Nurse Betty
    Be warned I tell ya
  10. Bound Sissy
    Bound Sissy
  11. Crazy Betty
    Crazy Betty
    While the Dr is a way the nurse will play
  12. All Barns have Pigs
    All Barns have Pigs
  13. Heavy
  14. Stiming
    Erostek 312
  15. Locked Up I hole The Key
    Locked Up I hole The Key
  16. repent slut
    repent slut
  17. Inviting Eyes ? Is this what you see
    Inviting Eyes ? Is this what you see
  18. Officer Aurora
    Officer Aurora
    Let me show you what happens in jail
  19. Sexy Wicket Mouth
    Sexy Wicket Mouth
  20. Reflection of a Sub
    Reflection of a Sub
    Thank you puppy for all your loyalty, and so much more
  21. You Will Worship My Feet
    You Will Worship My Feet
    And what will I do to you LOL!
  22. Emasculated
  23. Sissy stripped of self
    Sissy stripped of self
  24. Pretty Girl
    Pretty Girl
    You are a slut within your soul
  25. Dr's Orders
    Dr's Orders
    Where is Nurse Betty
  26. Repent
  27. Anything for my Mistress
    Anything for my Mistress
  28. Ball Busting
    Ball Busting
  29. Spanking Time
    Spanking Time
    Just a few things!
  30. The Rack
    The Rack
    Here the sub suffers agony while being pulled at the shoulders and the cock and balls! Oh my delight
  31. Total Isolation
    Total Isolation
    Complete darkness, no sounds, no lights, you will be on your own for as long as I want
  32. Predicament  Bondage
    Predicament Bondage
    The minute I get you here, you are trapped like a fly in my web of torment
  33. Breathe Deeper
    Breathe Deeper
    Breath Play
  34. Suffer For Me
    Suffer For Me
    I will suffer for my Mistress's Sweet Touch!
  35. Count Down
    Count Down
    Spanking Bench
  36. Leather Restraints
    Leather Restraints
    Complete Inescapable Bondage & Suspension Bondage
  37. I have been blessed by her graciousness
    I have been blessed by her graciousness
  38. Please Mistress Come & Touch me
    Please Mistress Come & Touch me
    Come experience what it feels like to just relax, float, feel at ease, feel peace and serenity and anticipate my touch
  39. Sleep My Pet
    Sleep My Pet
  40. Calling all makeup Sluts
    Calling all makeup Sluts
    58 lip sticks, 24 eye liner pencils, 70 lip liners, eye shadows beyond your wildest imagination, professional makeup for the Bitch in you!
  41. Hand Made By A worthless sub
    Hand Made By A worthless sub
    Such a worthless sub trying to gain my love and attention! Hand made and crafted with your one and only Mistress Aurora in mind. The one in the middle has Gold Leaf in it because in his worthless eyes, I am a treasure he worships daily, he even has a picture of my radiance in a frame by his bed for daily worship. NOW THATS TRULY A WORTHY SUB TO BEHOLD! Take lessons bitch's
  42. Boy Toy Mummy
    Boy Toy Mummy
    I will own it
  43. Feel My Power
    Feel My Power
    These are just a few of many many more beatfuil quality pieces that your Mistress owns
  44. At My Mistress's Mercy
    At My Mistress's Mercy
    Begging pleases me so!
  45. Portraite of a SUB waiting instruction
    Portraite of a SUB waiting instruction
  46. Cock Rush / Ball Crush
    Cock Rush / Ball Crush
    Once the spikes are in your sack and you are begging me for release of those teeth around your balls, thats when it thrills me to add more pain for your suffering sinful delight LOL!
  47. Dare you cross your Mistress
    Dare you cross your Mistress
    yes I am pointing my finger at you! You were a very bad dog today and you need to be punished for what you did! You are to obey me! You were put on this earth to please me, how ever I see fit!
  48. Cum Sluts before look
    Cum Sluts before look
    Go from plan Jane to a sexy hot bitch, cum slut, fuck whore! What ever I want to turn you into you will become for me! I don't need hypnotic tapes or video goggles,
  49. The Transformation
    The Transformation
    Mistress you surpassed my exceptions and you have an unreal collection of professional makeup. You are mischievous, wicked, fun and funny, cruel and stern! Just when you think you may know her, she will throw you a curve ball!
  50. Begging for it
    Begging for it
    I love my sexy leopard dress, wig, Mistress blew me away with her love, compassion, friendship and her willingness to help me achieve my new fabulous look.
  51. Cum Slut After Look ( I am dressed and ready to suck Mistress )
    Cum Slut After Look ( I am dressed and ready to suck Mistress )
    Mistress Aurora spent more than 1 hr working on my transformation, she gave me new titties, she placed me in a panty girdle, garter belt, fishnet thigh highs, sexy heels,
  52. A girly day
    A girly day
    5 hours spent with Mistress Aurora was the best day of my life, I have been playing for 20 yrs and Mistress Aurora is the Best Transformation Goddess around town
  53. Beautiful Creature
    Beautiful Creature
    Come and show your thankfulness for my love, come here and get on your knees
  54. Whore D'oeuvre
    Whore D'oeuvre
  55. parachute Pull
    parachute Pull
    This was fun, in the dark all alone balls surrounded by my spiked parachute. This sub endured 20 minutes of a surprised pull every 5 mins.
  56. Make Me Happy
    Make Me Happy
  57. Stressed Ball Pull
    Stressed Ball Pull
    Sub hog tied forcing hips held up by thighs, if sub drops hips down sac rips or balls will bust! Of coarse he used his Mercy code LOL!
  58. Bound In Silence
    Bound In Silence
    Subs hands and feet bound in rope first, then the body bound in plastic and tapped off, left alone to suffer
  59. Pump Gag Bondage
    Pump Gag Bondage
    Imagine a big cock and balls all in your mouth at once, your chocking on it but you want more as I pump it up more and more deeper into your throat. There is an air hose for you to breathe
  60. Prissy Sissy Dresses
    Prissy Sissy Dresses
    These are only for good sissies girls, beautiful, sweet, frilly, puppy purse, pink glitter heels, Goldilocks blond wig not shown in pic
  61. Masking with Emily
    Masking with Emily
    She will be your new face when she arrives which will be very soon! No longer do you have to look at your ugly self! Once I get you dressed in you satin and lace!
  62. Go Sissy You Deserve it
    Go Sissy You Deserve it
    Pretty dress for my sissy girls! I have a Hello Kitty dress for you!
  63. New Sissy Dresses
    New Sissy Dresses
    3 New Sissy dresses, puppy purse, pink glitter shoes whats a sissy to do?
  64. I am looking for a house maid
    I am looking for a house maid
    I have a new dress for you Sissy Maid
  65. Sensual Domination
    Sensual Domination
    feel the warmth all over your body as I touch your skin genitally with my hand, as I run the flame all over you. No harm here just sexy as hell
  66. Your Place Is Under Me
    Your Place Is Under Me
  67. 24k  Trample Box
    24k Trample Box
    Hand crafted by my new Love, yes see how much he loves me my initials in 24k gold
  68. Like What You See
    Like What You See
    A feast for your unworthy eyes
  69. Guess Whom?
    Guess Whom?
  70. Cum Dump Dumb Bimbo
    Cum Dump Dumb Bimbo
  71. Bimbo Slut
    Bimbo Slut
    Stupid Girl
  72. Trampled & Bruised
    Trampled & Bruised
  73. Lady Raven & Mistress Aurora
    Lady Raven & Mistress Aurora
    Knife play and tickle torture
  74. Your View
    Your View
    Your view from under me
  75. Writing Punishments
    Writing Punishments
    Bad subs must learn not to piss off Mistress
  76. A Gift From My New Sub
    A Gift From My New Sub
    Torment pad! It is 2x2 with over 150 spikes, once you sit on it you will know whom owns your ass!!
  77. Cocooned
    Left in silence
  78. Ducktape Mummy
    Ducktape Mummy
  79. Hanging With My Mistress
    Hanging With My Mistress
  80. Correctional Officer
    Correctional Officer
  81. The Gental Mistress Aurora
    The Gental Mistress Aurora
    Lets Talk about it
  82. The Harsh Mistress Aurora
    The Harsh Mistress Aurora
    You will take your punishment
  83. The Strict Mistress Aurora
    The Strict Mistress Aurora
  84. The Tantalizing Mistress Aurora
    The Tantalizing Mistress Aurora
    I will drive you nuts with desires
  85. Title 168
    Title 168
  86. Cage built by my new sub
    Cage built by my new sub
    Great for face slapping and spitting and forced feeding
  87. Latex Whore
    Latex Whore
    Elector Interrogation
  88. Officer Aurora is coming to get you
    Officer Aurora is coming to get you
    Dare cross me boy? I have a huge night stick that I will use!! to bring you to your knees
  89. mummy sub 2
    mummy sub 2
    Bound to the wheel chair
  90. Mummy Sub
    Mummy Sub
    Can you escape me??
  91. Perdicament Bondage Gagged Sub
    Perdicament Bondage Gagged Sub
    I love to make you suffer
  92. A Subs Fate
    A Subs Fate
    See what happens when your a bad sub!!
  93. Do you want to talk about it sub?
    Do you want to talk about it sub?
  94. very bad sub
    very bad sub
  95. slut in waiting
    slut in waiting
  96. the claw
    the claw
    my favorite ball crunching toy
  97. bad ass aurora
    bad ass aurora
  98. slut in waiting
    slut in waiting
  99. Description
  100. castration with wax
    castration with wax
  101. Description
  102. domesticate the bitch
    domesticate the bitch
    my bitch slut maid cooking as she should
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A Message From Your Mistress

 As A Mistress it is my job, my pleasure, my pure God give rights to bring you to your knees, no matter what it takes to break you down. I will take your dignity and step all over it. I will challenge you to acheive things you thought you could never do physically and / or mentally; I will drain you out. You will become the lamb that I will take for my slaughter!! Your POWER is what I will take from you to refuel my soul! Those SUBS whom have had the opportunity to worship me keep coming back for more! I will become your most intense experience, whether sensual or harsh, my talants are unmatched. Our session together will be constructed around your needs, and my talants, never mine alone, unless you say whatever MISTRESS wants to do with me!
Then it's game on!

You Will Suffer For My Love


Bimbo Training

Listen To One Of My Subs Interview About Me On Tickle Torture 39.41 to 48.26

Hi Mistress  Jan 7 2018

I finally listened to the interview about tickle torture on your site and I was locked in on every word. I especially enjoyed when Tony (what a coincidence) spoke about his experience with you.  I just wanted to share my thoughts and how I also feel so lucky to have found you. 
My experience today was transformative to say the least.  Imagine living your whole life obsessed with something but always keeping in the closet.  My wife knew a little and indulged me sometimes but never understood completely. Sadly, I lost her ten years ago to illness, and o the woodshed. I back in the closet I went. 
Fast forward to today when I went from the closet intalmost felt I was  the dreaming, It was like meeting the “Good Witch” frome Wizard of Oz. Your beautiful face and smile made me feel safe and comfortable. There were actually moments when I legitimately wanted you to stop and at the same time keep going. What an amazing skill it takes to create those mind bending emotions. I never would have expected to laugh so hard and so continuously . I’m actually a bit surprised that my brain didn’t go into some kind of shutdown mode and shut off my tickle response, again, that speaks to your level of skill. 
I’ve literally spent a lifetime obsessed with tickling. In exploring your site it boggles my mind how you have to be versed in such a wide variety of kinks and fetishes yet still be able to create such an amazing experience  for me. I love that my ankles hurt from struggling in the stocks and my shoulders are sore from being stretched, but most of all I’m enjoying my sore abdominals from laughing so hard. 
I feel like I just had ten years of therapy all in one day, and at the same time just got addicted to heroin.  I hope to see you again soon. Thank you so much!

Your tickle slave,

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My New Play Space
M.A.'s Woodshed
A Twist On Southern Charm

My new 1200 sq ft Dungeon. Click the picture of the barn and it will open up the  M.A's Woodshed gallery, Click on  renting   To learn more about my services available to you
  1. The Rack
    The Rack
  2. Head Stock
    Head Stock
  3. Smith & Wesson
    Smith & Wesson
  4. Title 19
    Title 19
  5. Say Hello To My Little Friend LOL!
    Say Hello To My Little Friend LOL!
    Black Magic XL One mean machine
  6. This Is Where Life Begins
    This Is Where Life Begins
    For your rebirth
  7. Isolation Cell
    Isolation Cell
    Here you will exp what it's like to be in jail! 3x3x7 How long do you think you can stand the darkness? Or sleep deprivation? 5 anchor points, slot in the door to slip you food. and breathing holes
  8. Mistress Looking Through The Cell Door
    Mistress Looking Through The Cell Door
  9. Suspension Bondage
    Suspension Bondage
    suspension bondage is to create a heightened sense of vulnerability and inescapable, it can also creates a sense of objectification, submissiveness and erotic helplessness for the subject, this area is 12ft high
  10. Scat Play
    Scat Play
  11. Ball Stretching
    Ball Stretching
  12. Opening for Mistress to taunt you
    Opening for Mistress to taunt you
    While you are in isolation I may keep my eye on you and command you to do things that you may or may not like before I let you out
  13. Total Isolation
    Total Isolation
  14. Rosey Cheeks
    Rosey Cheeks
  15. Breath Play
    Breath Play
  16. Suffer for my love
    Suffer for my love
  17. Trample Box
    Trample Box
  18. heavy Leather Bondage
    heavy Leather Bondage
  19. Title 67
    Title 67
  20. Description

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