Mistress Aurora The Chastister The Dungeon

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Mistress Aurora The Chastiser
My Hands

My Body

My Fist

My Legs

My Feet

My Lips

My Words / My Teeth / My Nails

Leather Boots / Spiked 6" Heels

Wooden Paddles all different Lengths & Thicknesses / Holes / No Holes

Acrylic Canes, Long / Short / Ex Long &

Two Sided Leather Paddle 1 Side Spiked other Smooth / Leather strap 20 " long 3 layers / 20 " Thin Leather Strap with holes, SURE TO BURN! / Rubber Paddel

Surgical Clamps Will Make A Grown Man Cry! Isn't that the point LOL! Nipple Clamps / With or With Out Weights

Neck Collar With D Rings Gas Mask / Sensory Deprivation Head Gear / Latex Head Mask

Adult Baby Rattler / Baby Bottle

Adult Toys Extra Long, Huge, Large and Normal

Floggers & Whips - Elk / Braided with Spikes / Crops / Braided 36" Whip with Stinger Tail

Spiked CB Restraint / Plugs / Humbler / Weighted balls & Chains Sets / Steel Ball Crusher ( My Favorite evil Toy )

Leather Body Bondage Restraints / Rope / Metal Shackles / Spreader Bar / Waist Belt with D Rings

Dog Leash / Chew Toys / Feeding Bowls

Gags / Blind Folds / Wrist & Ankle Leather Restraints Chains / Hog Ties

Feathers / Wigs / Make Up / Female Wardrobe / High Heels

Ice / Plastic Wrap / Hot Wax

Neon Wand by Kinklab

P.E.S Power Box / Stun Gun

P.E.S Acrylic Anal Plug 1-1/2 by 6"

P.E.S Rectal Pacifier

P.E.S. Electro-Flex Tubular Rings

P.E.S. Corona Cockhead Stimulator

Spiked Pen Wheels / Cloths Pens / C Rings / Rulers

Penis Plug / Penis Sounds 3m to 18m GERMAN STAINESS" NON MAGNET

My Dungeon & My Weapons Of Mass Destruction
I will tell you now That Mistress is always seeking those whom want to adorn her Dungeon with love gifts; I am still in need of a Saint Andrews Cross and a Suspension Rack. Who amongst you is worthy to buy one for your Goddess? If you feel you are the one just go buy it now! Prove to me that you are Worthy of my Praise!

Bondage Table with D Rings all around it. 7' x 3'

Adjustable Bondage Chair

Standing Swing

Bent Over Spanking Bench

Combo Bondage Bench Ladder coming in 4 weeks
Thanks T

Leather Padded Straightjacket

Love Glider Machine

Standing Cock Stock

I need more! But I promise I have enough to make you realize your whole world has been turned upside down

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